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DW DWCP9500DXF Drum Workshop 9000 Series XF Extended Footbard 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

SKU:  ae00-58882
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP9500DXF

9500DXF 3-leg hi-hat stands are outfitted with a host of pro-features found on all DW 9000 Series models including 379 locking clutch, heavy-gauge tubing with nylon insulators, lateral cymbals seat adjustment, folding aluminum baseplate, Delta ball-bearing hinge, twin cam action and more. The XF's extended footboard offers more length for sliding foot technique and perfectly complements 9000XF bass drum pedals.
DW 9000 Series Hi-Hats utilize a patented Double Eccentric Cam that increases the sensitivity of the footboard in relation to cymbal movement, resulting in a unique, incredibly fast and responsive feel. The Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature allows for precise adjustment to offset the weight of the top cymbal, creating a customized feel.

- Lateral Cymbal Seat for adjusting the bottom cymbal angle
- Uni-body folding footboard stays attached to base
- Ball bearing hinge, locking clutch and swivel legs all add to the versatile and responsiveness
- Plastic tube insulators.

Model: DWCP9500DXF
Manufacturer: DW


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SKU:  ae00-58882^DWCP9500DXF
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP9500DXF
Weight:  14.00
Price: $469.99

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