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DW DWCP5700 Drum Workshop 5000 Series Convertible Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand


DW's 5000 Series Boom Cymbal Stands offer drummers heavy-gauge tubing, double-braced legs and more, in a no-bones road-worthy package. DW boom arms collapse into their stands, telescope-style, to easily convert to a straight stand. Sturdy, double-braced tripod legs and heavier gauge tubing offer plenty of support for larger cymbals. Plastic Tube Insulators kill the rattle in recording situations. And the Toothless Tilter and Hinged Memory Locks allow you to quickly and firmly set the stand heights and angles, so your cymbals stay where you put them.

- Recessible Boom Arm
- Adjustable Cymbal Seat
- Attached Felt Washers on Cymbal Seat and Wing Nut
- Toothless Tilter with TechLock
- Plastic Tube Insulators.

Model: DWCP5700
Manufacturer: DW
In stock
Price: $169.99

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