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Acoustic Drum Sets

  • Ludwig LE2475 14" Snare Drum Kit
    Ludwig LE2475 14" Snare Drum Kit

    Snare Drum Model: LM720 Steel
    Drum Size: 5 x14”
    Finish: Chrome Plated
    Drum Hoops: 2.0 mm steel
    Snare Internal Tone Control: Included
    Drumheads: 14” Medium Coated
    Practice Pad: L381 Speedex
    Drumsticks: L-2B
    Snare Stand: LC621SS Classic
    Snare Strainer: P82 Rocker
    Case/Carrying Bag: L242 Backpack style multi compartment bag in black material

    Model: LE2475
    Manufacturer: Ludwig
    Price: $269.00
    In stock
  • Pacific PDLT221420TH 20th Anniversary Kit 4PC (10-12-16-22)
    Pacific PDLT221420TH 20th Anniversary Kit 4PC (10-12-16-22)

    20th Anniversary Kit - 8x10, 9x12, 14x16, 18x22 (Available Only for 2020)
    It seems like the last two decades have just flown by. This year, we get twenty candles to blow out and we’ve designed a truly unique kit to celebrate our anniversary. This matte-meets-gloss black stunner is outfitted with custom-plated antique bronze hardware and comes in our most popular sizes. Already have a kit? Get the snare for your prized collection. But you’ll need to get them this year because after 2020, they’ll be history.
    • European Maple Shells
    • True Pitch Tension Rods
    • Suspension Tom Mounts
    • Remo Drum Heads
    • Dual-turret Lugs

    Model: PDLT221420TH
    Manufacturer: Pacific
    Price: $999.99
    In stock