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Ludwig LE2475 14" Snare Drum Kit

SKU:  ae00-43995
Manufacturer Part #:  LE2475

Snare Drum Model: LM720 Steel
Drum Size: 5 x14”
Finish: Chrome Plated
Drum Hoops: 2.0 mm steel
Snare Internal Tone Control: Included
Drumheads: 14” Medium Coated
Practice Pad: L381 Speedex
Drumsticks: L-2B
Snare Stand: LC621SS Classic
Snare Strainer: P82 Rocker
Case/Carrying Bag: L242 Backpack style multi compartment bag in black material

Model: LE2475
Manufacturer: Ludwig

steeel 14"

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SKU:  ae00-43995^LE2475
Manufacturer Part #:  LE2475
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