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Tech 21 FR-PAUL Paul Landers PL1 Sig Fly Rig

SKU:  ae00-59011
Manufacturer Part #:  FR-PAUL

Known for staunchly rejecting any compromise of their vision or conforming to being politically correct, Rammstein is one of, if not the most unique bands on earth. Their internationally-acclaimed shows take the term “spectacle” to a whole new level. Their outspoken lyrics, driving rhythms and crunchy attacks come together in a contagious groove typically incongruous with industrial metal. Each member is devoted to the same uncompromising ethos, which is evident in their surprisingly tasteful musicality, creative wit and saucy humor.

Model: FR-PAUL
Manufacturer: Tech 21


In stock
SKU:  ae00-59011^FRPAUL
Manufacturer Part #:  FR-PAUL
Weight:  5.00

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