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Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 Pedal w/Onboard EQ

SKU:  ae00-46267
Manufacturer Part #:  GT2

The Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 is a pedal-sized packaging of an enormous number of distinct tones, providing guitarists easy access to countless combinations of sounds otherwise not possible without a studio full of amps. Offering modeled control of amp type, amp mod, and mic position as well as active drive and tone control, the GT2 is a tone chameleon. Amp selections include California, British, and Tweed; mod selections include Hot Wired, Hi Gain, and Clean, and mic positions include Off Axis, Center, and Classic. Combining these discrete control with the continuous control from the built-in Drive and EQ makes finding a custom tone easier and more affordable than ever. GT2 FEATURES Toggle Controls for Mic, Mod, and Amp controls Mic: Classic - distant mic'ing without ambience; Center - close mic'ing at the center of a speaker cone; Off-Axis - close mic'ing at the edge of a speaker cone Mod: Clean - which gives you a stock tube amp set-up; Hi Gain - provides an extra gain stage; Hot- Wired - scooped-out midrange for that sizzling, over-the-edge quality Amp: Tweed - Fender style; British - Marshall style; California - Mesa Boogie style

Model: GT2
Manufacturer: Tech 21


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SKU:  ae00-46267^GT2
Manufacturer Part #:  GT2
Weight:  3.00
Price: $229.00

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