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Squier 0370235570 Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT, Laurel Fingerboard, Black Pickguard, Sunset Metallic

SKU:  ae00-58902
Manufacturer Part #:  0370235570

The Squier® Contemporary Stratocaster® Special HT brings modern features and bold aesthetics to an iconic Fender platform to satisfy today’s most discerning and daring players. At the heart of this guitar is a set of Squier SQR™ alnico single-coil pickups positioned in a “special” configuration with the middle pickup near the bridge pickup for a unique variety of dynamically responsive settings. The roasted maple neck was chosen for its optimal tone and stability, and a sculpted heel design allows for improved access all the way to the 22nd fret. High-performance components round out the feature list and include a string-through-body hardtail bridge for ideal body resonance, and a set of sealed-gear tuning machines with split shafts for smooth tuning action and easy restringing. Eye-catching styling cues include stealthy black hardware and a sleek painted headstock with chrome logos for a premium look.

Model: 0370235570
Manufacturer: Squier


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SKU:  ae00-58902^0370235570
Manufacturer Part #:  0370235570
Weight:  12.00

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