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DW DWCP5100 Drum Workshop 5000 Series Spin-Height Adjust, Round Top Throne

SKU:  ae00-11384
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP5100

Designed with a 13-inch seat top, and all the strength of a cast, under-seat, vise mount and double-braced legs, the 5000 Series Throne is one of our most popular workhorse models. The corkscrew height adjustment allows you to easily find your optimal seat height. The heavy-duty steel tripod base is designed for maximum durability.

- Solid Ear Casting
- Swivel Height Adjustment with Oversize Locking Nut
- Double-Braced Tripod Base
- 3-Inch Thick, 13-Inch Diameter Seat
- Heavy-Duty Steel Construction.

Model: DWCP5100
Manufacturer: DW


In stock
SKU:  ae00-11384^DWCP5100
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP5100
Weight:  19.00

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