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DW DWCP9002XF 9000 Series XF Extended Footbard Double Bass Drum Pedal w/ Bag

SKU:  ae00-58709
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP9002XF

DW 9000 Series pedals offer drummers an unequaled combination of speed, feel and power. Since their inception, the 9000 Series Floating Rotor and Infinitely Adjustable Cam innovations have given players the flexibility and versatility to take their footwork to the next level. All 9000 and 9002 pedals feature the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp System and Non-Slip Rubber Grip Base Plate for increased stability and a stronger connection between you and your kick drum. The Infinitely Adjustable Cam allows drummers to quickly switch from Accelerator to Turbo-style sprockets, or anywhere in between.
In addition, the 9002 double pedals incorporate our patented Single Post Casting design. This allows you to place the auxiliary bass pedal closer to your hi-hat pedal, letting you move your foot more quickly and easily between them, or even play them simultaneously. anywhere in between.
Finally, drummers asked us for a longer footboard, and we listened! The 9002XF double pedal offers all the cutting-edge features of the regular 9002 model, along with our Extended Footboard, which is one inch longer than standard. anywhere in between.
Chosen by touring professionals around the world, DW 9000 Series pedals have elevated professional pedal design to the next level, and put a world of possibilities at your feet.

DW: The Drummer’s Choice.
EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam.
Single Post Casting Design (U.S. Patent No. 5396826).
Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge (U.S. Patent No. 5431081).
Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp (U.S. Patent No. 8330032) Extended Footboard.
Double Pedal Bag Included.

Model: DWCP9002XF
Manufacturer: DW


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SKU:  ae00-58709^DWCP9002XF
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP9002XF
Weight:  18.00

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