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DW DWCP2010T 2000 Series Tambourine Pedal

SKU:  ae00-58512^DWCP2010T
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP2010T
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2000 Series Tambourine Pedal Designed alongside session and touring master, Gregg Bissonette, the foot-activated "Tambo Pedal" faithfully recreates the swinging hand motion of traditional tambourine technique. A height-adjustable, rubber padded stopper mimics the heel of the hand; an upright backstop for the dual-row steel jingle half moon tambo.

A single chain-and-sprocket drive system is attached to a compact, single post 2000 pedal. Easy to position next to the hi-hat in any set-up!
  • REMOVABLE PRO TAMBOURINE - Ergonomic half moon shape and dual-row jingles.

  • SINGLE POST 2000 PEDAL - Compact and easy to position to the left of the hi-hat.
  • STEEL BASE PLATE - Sturdy and solid on most carpeted surfaces.

Model: DWCP2010T
Manufacturer: DW

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